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statistics canada
Over 2 million Canadians aged 15 and over have a mental health-related disability
statistics canada
4 in 5 Canadians with a mental health-related disability also have at least one other type of disability
statistics canada
Nearly half of employed Canadians with a mental health-related disability feel like their condition makes it difficult to change or advance in their job.
Of these, 1 in 4 believe its due to stigma or discrimination
In Montreal, the cost per year in health, emergency and justice system services to support a chronically homeless person ranges from $33,000 to $65,000, depending on needs, and some revolving-door use of services can go much higher, as high as $300,000 in one case. This is a huge strain and cost on emergency shelters and emergency services (including fire, police and EMS), health care, the criminal justice system, and workers involved.“The “housing first” intervention averaged $22,482 in costs per person for high-need participants. However these figures do not include the cost of welfare and disability benefits and pensions”
Eric Latimer Research scientist at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute. Montreal Gazette 03.17.2014
Homelessness alongside mental health issues in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montréal and Moncton found that a significant amount of money is spent on average, per person $53, 144 annually






This cost analysis doesn’t look at the social and human costs. Not only is putting someone in housing cheaper, it is also much more humane. The longer someone remains homeless, the greater likelihood that their physical and mental health will deteriorate and there is an increased chance of an early death.
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The Nazareth Community remains dedicated to providing an environment that welcomes the forgotten, promotes social re-integration for the marginalized and encourages all to find their potential.

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 The power of womxn

March is International Women’s month!!

Throughout the month of March we’ll be posting stats about women in business, women in community, quotes from the residents about what being a woman means to them and the power that investing in a woman brings to all those around her. It’s a message of positivity and celebration in order to fundraise for Anne’s House.(residence for women and transwomen)
We are reaching out to you  to see if you would like to create a team of support, or donate to your favorite team; Check out the campaign at:

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MEALS 4 MILTON PARK x Nazareth Community

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Who we are

Nazareth Community is a home environment with support for men and women who struggle with mental health issues, homelessness and addictions. Our residents enjoy celebrations, pet therapy, music, student stagieres, individual treatment plans and support. This is coordinated by a trained, empathetic staff, and assisted by our volunteer Board of Directors.

We have 3 locations; Nazareth for men, and Anne’s house for women and transgender women. Many of our residents “home” before was on the streets.

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Support our community through our homemade honey from our rooftop bees


Allowing our residents opportunities otherwise unavailable such as art supplies, bus tickets, podiatry care, shampoo, underwear and clothing detergent….

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