Nazareth Community

Turning a Shelter Into a Home

The Nazareth Community remains dedicated to providing an environment that welcomes the forgotten, promotes social re-integration for the marginalized and encourages all to find their potential.

Who we are

Nazareth Community is a home environment with support for men and women who struggle with mental health issues, homelessness and addictions. Our residents enjoy celebrations, pet therapy, music, student stagieres, individual treatment plans and support. This is coordinated by a trained, empathetic staff, and assisted by our volunteer Board of Directors.

We have 3 locations; Nazareth for men, and Anne’s house for women and transgender women. Many of our residents “home” before was on the streets.

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Support our community through our homemade honey from our rooftop bees

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Allowing our residents opportunities otherwise unavailable such as art supplies, bus tickets, podiatry care, shampoo, underwear and clothing detergent….


Resilience Montreal is a non-profit day shelter situated on the corner of Atwater and Sainte Catherine, offering food, a place to sleep, clean clothes, and support to anyone in need.

Cabot Square in Montreal is known as a gathering place for indigenous people, especially Inuit. Due to gentrification in the last few years and the close of Open Door shelter there has been a struggle for the community to survive. This is how RESILIENCE was born.

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Shoutout to All Restaurants who are Closing During the Quarantine!

If there are local Monteal restaurants closing, and you would like a place to donate fresh produce Nazareth Community and…

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Nazareth Community workers commit to embodying the following values in their interactions and interventions with Nazareth Community residents: CHEER Compassion…

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