John’s House Rooms (Opening September 2020)

12 private rooms in a newly renovated building for men (approx. 25-35 years of age) who struggle with homelessness &/or are at risk of homelessness, &/or mental health issues.

-Focus on support, empowerment and encouragement for reintegration and to circumvent long term homelessness.
-Opportunities for work, volunteer and the “Next Step” program which provide tools for more independent living when the participant is ready.
-Resident must have some capacity to maintain their space, their personal hygiene,
-Resident must have full mobility.
-Resident must be prepared to live in a community environment- Medication is supervised by staff
-There is zero tolerance for alcohol, cannabis or drug use.

In house support 8 a.m-7 p.m

Apply to John’s House HERE

Nazareth House Rooms

Nazareth’s House, opened in 1979, is a residence for 22 men with ongoing struggles; they have lost their families, resided in psychiatric units, some have wandered the streets for more than ten years. Now our gentlemen participate in yoga, field trip activities, and are completing work re-integration programs. New residents are encouraged to start applying.

  • Located in Shaughnessy Village
  • 10 “in House” rooms
  • Community areas, community kitchen,computer access
  • In house support everyday from 8 a.m-7:30 p.m
  • 3 meals daily plus snacks

Resident must have full mobility.

Apply to Nazareth House HERE

Hope Street Apartments

12 studio apartments located within a 2 minute walk of Nazareth House. Offers all of the same programs and services as the rooms at Nazareth House.

Resident must have full mobility.

Apply to Hope Street apartments HERE

Anne’s House Apartments

A residence for 28 semi-autonomous women, 18 and over, who struggle with homelessness, are at risk of homelessness and or mental health issues. Anne’s House provides assistance and support and offers programs and services that are adaptable to each individual with the focus on empowerment and cooperation. Mental health issues must be recognized by the resident while being able to maintain their space, personal hygiene and have the organizational skills to prepare basic meals.

  • Located in Shaughnessy Village
  • 28 single studio apartments with individual bathrooms,
  • 2 Community kitchens, art room, computer access, camera security.
  • In house support daily from 9 a.m- 7:30 p.m
  • This is a project in conjunction with OMHM (therefore the women pay 25% of their social assistance

Resident must have full mobility.

Apply to Anne’s House HERE