Our People

Nazareth Community workers commit to embodying the following values in their interactions and interventions with Nazareth Community residents:

Compassion and Understanding

  • Does my/our chosen course of action demonstrate compassion and understanding towards the resident?
  • Does it take into consideration the resident’s unique histories, feelings, needs, abilities, and/or the reasons for their request or behaviour?
  • In addition to the presentation of the symptoms, have I reflected on the causes of the symptoms?


  • Does my/our chosen course of action foster reasonable and sustainable hope?


  • Which course of action will empower the resident, support their autonomy, and encourage them to learn new skills?
  • Am I working harder than the resident?
  • Which personal values are affecting my/our work with the resident? Is this appropriate, or is it jeopardizing the resident’s empowerment, autonomy and ability to connect within his/her community

Equity and Fairness

  • Is my/our chosen course of action fair?
  • Does it fall in line with the way other residents have been treated in the past?
  • If not, what is my/our justification for treating this resident differently?
  • Will this chosen course of action have ramifications within the community?

Respect and Dignity

  • Does my/our chosen course of action demonstrate respect towards the resident, the other residents and safeguard their dignity?
  • Does my chosen course of action infantilize the resident?

Finally, it is important that we ask ourselves: Have I/we reflected enough on this situation before acting?

Our Board

Fr. John Walsh – CEO

Roman Catholic Priest (retired) social activist, author, broadcaster, presently volunteers on 3 boards

John Corker President

President and founder JCOR construction, volunteer project manager for Anne’s House.

Jack Emrich Treasurer

Partner – Berger, Emrich, Valencak Inc.

Alfredo Consentino- BOD Member

Account Manager at Aerotek- He is an active member in the community. Volunteer hockey coack and member of the Montreal Irish Rugby Football Club Board.

Wendy de Souza – Chair of Advisory Committee

Executive Assistant of Fabrique John Brebeuf, and planning manager for geographical study at the Montreal Archdiocese.

Robin Burns – Vice President

Former NHL hockey player and founder of ITECH Sport Products.  Still active with many business ventures, Robin is also on a few distinguished boards that support great causes.  He has been married over 50 years .

Tracey Burns – Anne’s House Tenant Committee and Fundraising

Works in the student services department at John Abbott College. Proud married mother of two boys, one girl and two dogs.

Our Staff

Dennys Melendez

Dennys is an intervention worker at Nazareth house that has been providing a variety of social health services since 2016. Dennys helps residents to solve and cope with daily issues by using a ‘clients based approach’ that empowers residents to learn skills to able to handle life’s obstacles. “Nazareth Community has created an environment for everyone to flourish at the own paces and that’s what separates them from other organizations.”

Jennifer Willard

Jennifer is the  Coordinator of client services of Anne’s House, and has been working for Nazareth Community since April 2015. Her goal is to develop a family like atmosphere and provide a stable environment to support women with mental health issues and who are homeless. Jennifer believes that all women should have the right to a community that supports and empowers one another.

Sheila Woodhouse

Executive Director  since 2011;  Sheila believes in a community based, team approach with our residents at the center. “My objective is to  continue to raise awareness and understanding of our homeless neighbours”

Diandra Serrano

Combining approaches from my first BA in Recreational Therapy and my current educational pursuit in a bachelor’s degree of Social Work, I am devoted to collaborating with the residents in exploring their unique means for self empowerment. My interest is primarily in understanding the involvement of family support in the recovery process for persons living with mental illness.  

Jessie Kennedy

I am the administrative assistant and volunteer coordinator at Nazareth. There is no better feeling than building relationships with the amazing people who reside at Nazareth and knowing that what you are doing is changing their lives and improving their well-being. 

Emmanuelle Glidden

Emmanuelle as been a member of the Anne’s House intervention team since May 2017. She joined Nazareth Community with previous experience in the areas of mental health and transitional housing for women in difficulty. 

Marguerite Potocki 

I am the accountant at the Communauté Nazareth since August 2014. I have acquired a lot of experience by working at several non-profit organizations during the last 14 years. It is gratifying to work in a place where the mission is to come to the aid of the less fortunate. The relationship you foster with the residents at the Nazareth House is enriching and delightful.

Sandra McGee

I am the house cook at Nazareth community since 2009. Working with less fortunate people have been a privilege and a blessing. Every day is a new challenge with its own reward, and there is no better feeling then filling people hearts with love and stomach with home cooked meals.