Ways to Donate

Why support Nazareth Community?

Because many of our residents arrive with just the clothes on their backs, and are welcomed with intervention support, social interaction, work and volunteer programs, and opportunities to heal and grow in a warm, home-like environment.

The number of homeless people, and the length of time they spend homeless, continues to rise and we are all part of the solution.

2017-2018 statistics

  • Administrative costs: 12%
  • Volunteer hours: 2400 hours
  • In kind donations: $92,000

The Nazareth Community is currently exploring the possibility of providing much needed transitional housing and a day shelter specifically for youth. It has been evaluated that there is a greater need for these types of services for youth at this age and so we wish to offer a safe and supporting environment at a time when they are most vulnerable. Dealing with issues early on can help mitigate long term effects of homelessness and of mental illnes

Community Spirit

Many companies, schools and organizations understand that giving goes beyond one day a year. Donations come in many forms, whether they are monthly online contributions, specific item collections, seasonal drives, or donating your time and expertise. This strengthens our community and opens the door for understanding and conversation about mental health issues and homelessness.

Please consider making regular periodic contributions” – this type of donation helps our organization tremendously as it helps us with a stable cash flow.

You can multiply your contribution by:

  • Asking your company if they would make a corporate gift equal or superior to the amount donated by you;
  • Asking your employees if they would like to make regular deductions;

For any additional information you can contact Marguerite Potocki at 514 933-6916 extension 3 or by email at mpotocki_cst@yahoo.ca and she can help with any questions that you may have.

Share your Shares

Have you done well and are considering cashing out? Here are the advantages of donating your shares to a registered charity as opposed to a cash donation:

  • There is 50% less tax on the capital gain;
  • You receive a receipt for the full market value;

More information:

Want to learn more about donating securities and benefiting from paying less income tax? Adam Teixeira can answer your questions, just email: adam.teixeira@rbc.com.

In Loving Memory

Flowers are beautiful, but temporary. A donation to the Nazareth Community will better our residents’ lives.

More and more individuals are honoring their loved ones with a donation to a favorite charity. Many people know somebody who has been affected by some form of mental illness, homelessness or addiction and have expressed their sympathies by making a donation to Nazareth Community: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/nazareth-house/.

We have donation forms available. You can contact Marguerite Potocki at 514 933-6916, extension 3 or by email at mpotocki_cst@yahoo.ca to obtain a form or if you have any questions.

In memoriam donations are acknowledged by a thank you letter.
*Note: Tax receipts are issued for donations of $50 or more.

Honor an Occasion

Give the gift of philanthropy, make a donation in honor of somebody’s birthday, a couple’s wedding or anniversary, a retirement, a unique milestone, or other special occasion.

Donations are acknowledged by a letter.
*Note: Tax receipts are issued for donations of $50 or more.

Give a lasting gift, a gift for the future

Does Nazareth Community and its mission hold a special place in your heart? Please consider a donation through a provision in your estate settlement, a life insurance policy, or a registered retirement plan. We will honour you and your family, and our residents will be eternally grateful.

Why support Nazareth Community?

Nazareth Community can be the recipient of your life insurance policy or the beneficiary of your registered retirement plan.

To learn more about giving options such as will donations and life insurance policy bequeaths please contact Adam Teixeira at adam.teixeira@rbc.com.

If you wish to send in a donation by mail or e-mail, please contact Marguerite Potocki at mpotocki_cst@yahoo.ca in order to obtain a donation form.

*Note: Tax receipts are issued for donations of $50 or more.

Donate to our community

$60.00 provides heating for an apartment.

$45.00 provides a warm meal for our residents.

$15.00 for new underwear and socks.

$6.50 for 2 bus tickets.